CP Hardwood Plywood


-Face and Back: Canarium/Styrax/ Bingtagor/Omosa
-Core: Acacia, Styrax, Eucalyptus and MLH.
-Glue MR – MUF (T1 and T1.5 E1, E2 Glue)

-MC: 15%
-Density 600-620kg/cbmTolerance: Thickness: +/-0.5mm, Width: -0/+1mm, Length: +/-1mm
-Length x width: 910mmx1820mm
-Thickness: 11.5mm
-Grade: AA/BB and BB/CC grade

Application fields: Construction
Packaging: Plywood will be packed on wood pallet, Steel Strap, 24 CRT in 40’HC, about 45 CBM ~ 23 – 25 MT/40HC

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